Welcoming a newborn into the world is indeed a miracle of life. From the moment your bundle of joy takes its first breath, you become a parent. You’ll get to witness every step your little one takes, but that also means sticking through the not-so-pleasant moments. And one of the most common things to irk fellow parents is…ITCHY, SWEATY SKIN.


You never really know when it’ll strike until you discover angry red spots on your baby’s skin one day. That’s where Ezerra Liquid Talc comes to the rescue! What exactly is Ezerra Liquid Talc and how can it help your baby? Read these REAL testimonials from REAL parents and the wonders they have experienced with this magical product!


“Ezerra Liquid Talc is very suitable for my children who are active! Just apply it on the skin to increase comfort and they can stay active with no worries!”

– Noor Rosliza Rosalan
Whether your child is an infant or a toddler, Ezerra Liquid Talc is suitable for children of all ages. Formulated to soak up excess moisture, be sure to spread the liquid on sweat-prone areas such as armpits, neck and buttocks before playtime to protect them from unwanted skin irritation.


“Ezerra Liquid Talc…keeps babies dry and comfortable and prevents them from itching and redness.”

– Niki Tay
One of the common signs of sweaty irritated skin is itching and redness, especially in hot weather or during vigorous activities. The unique formulation provides cooling relief from excessive sweat, which in turn delivers lasting dry comfort to babies. Not just that, the product can be applied accurately onto target skin areas due to its liquid form, unlike traditional baby powder.


“Ezerra product is suitable for my boy who is suffering from sensitive skin problem. Highly recommended product!”

– Jasmine Tan
Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, Ezerra Liquid Talc has a gentle fragrance-free formulation to suit all skin conditions, including sensitive skin. Combining shea butter, argan oil and spent grain wax, the product features Stimutex-AS, an itch-relieving component to effectively relieve irritation and keep your baby’s delicate skin healthy.


“Liquid form makes it easier to apply and also avoid inhalation risk. It appears invisible after application, unlike traditional powder form which will appear white on skin.”

– Jane Peng
Many parents opt for Ezerra Liquid Talc due to the unique talc formulation that comes in liquid form. This ensures zero risk of inhalation compared to traditional powder that may pose as a health risk to your little one. Drying silky smooth after application, the lightweight texture delivers a cooling translucent finish to the skin.


“I love to use Ezerra Liquid Talc for my baby. She feels comfortable using it everyday after bathing and there is less redness already.”

– Teacey Rin
Ezerra Liquid Talc works wonders in a single application – however, it is highly recommended to use it consistently for better long-term results. The most ideal time for application is 5 minutes after bathtime, which helps seal in moisture and ensures maximum absorption of liquid talc for lasting dryness. Continuous usage of Ezerra Liquid Talc also conditions your baby’s skin to its optimal health, thus reducing itch and redness in the long run.
You may find Ezerra Liquid Talc at Watsons, Guardian and other leading pharmacies nationwide. For more information on other Ezerra baby skincare products, click here.