Every parent surely wants the best for their child. So when pesky little troubles such as itchy, red and sweaty skin come creeping into your baby’s life, it surely is a mood-downer to see your little one feeling absolutely miserable. But wait, there is a way out! One simple method to tackle these everyday troubles is to implement a bathtime routine that will help alleviate these symptoms to ensure your baby’s comfort for the day.

First things first – if your baby is a newborn, there is absolutely no need for daily baths. In fact, constant exposure to tap water may actually further dry out the skin and worsen his condition. As a general rule of thumb, twice or thrice a week would suffice. For older children who are more mobile, you may increase the frequency to once every day or two days since they tend to perspire more due to an active lifestyle.

Before you start running the water, gather all bathing essentials to the bathroom. Here are the items you’ll need:

  • Baby tub

  • Bath sponge

  • Some cotton pads

  • Cotton towel

  • A clean change of clothes

  • Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser

  • Ezerra Liquid Talc


Ensure the bathroom door and windows are closed to avoid draughts around the enclosed space. Fill in the baby tub with warm water and use your elbow to determine the temperature that is best suited for your baby. If it’s neither too hot nor too cool, that is an indication that the water is right for bathing.


Place your baby carefully into the tub and ensure his comfort by putting your hand behind his head. Dip a cotton pad into the water and gently sweep it across the eyes and around the ears. Pump out a small amount of Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser and carefully spread all over the body. With a 3x gentler formulation compared to regular cleansers, it is suitable to be used on newborns even as young as 2 weeks old! Moreover, the all-natural formulation helps create a skin barrier to seal in moisture for longer lasting hydration.


Using a bath sponge, gently cleanse your baby from top to bottom and front to back. Never rub in the cleansing solution onto your baby’s delicate skin – instead, a gentle swipe across the skin will do.  After rinsing off the suds, lay down a towel on a flat surface and gently transfer your baby from the tub onto the towel. Immediately wrap him up and start patting the moisture away from the body to avoid chills.

Once the skin is dry, apply Ezerra Liquid Talc to sweat-prone areas, such as the armpits, neck and folds of skin. The unique formulation appears in liquid form but dries to a silky powder upon application. Giving off a wonderful cooling sensation to the skin, the 100% talc-free lotion functions to absorb excess moisture for lasting dryness throughout the day, even during hot weather. Proceed to dress him up and congratulations – your baby is now protected from itch and ‘wet skin’!