How many times have you been on a holiday without forgetting an item or two? Suffice to say, these moments indeed are a rarity. Especially in the role of a parent, the packing list extends from own personal items to packing your baby’s entire wardrobe and essentials along!


It may seem like a mammoth task, but it really boils down to proper planning and some clever foresight. How many days is the vacation? Is it to a beach holiday, city getaway, or a balik kampung trip? Do you have access to proper utilities and amenities at your accommodation?


For a more efficient packing, we have organised these baby essentials into several categories.


Food & Drinks

  • Breastfeeding supplies

If you’re travelling to a place with plenty of people, bring along your nursing shawl for breastfeeding moments. A breast pump at hand is also always useful for expressing milk while on holiday.

  • Bottled milk

If you foresee inconvenience in breastfeeding your baby in public, prepare some bottled milk in advance. So when your baby gets hungry, it’s easy to reach out and grab one for your child. Always ensure proper storage by keeping it under room temperature for up to four hours.

  • Food

Is your baby starting on a food diet already? If so, prepare a few packets or containers of baby food for a lengthy commute. When there’s food, there should ideally be proper utensils too. Be sure to include baby feeding utensils such as forks, spoons, bibs, and handy containers on-the-go.



Clothing & Diapers


  • Clothes

If this is your first time packing for a baby, one to two outfits per day is a good starting guideline. Consider your holiday location – is it for a warm or cool climate? Will you be requiring laundry facilities for a particularly lengthy holiday?

Bonus tip: Babies have a tendency to stain clothes easily, so do bring one or two pairs of extra outfits just in case!

Don’t forget to include socks and shoes in your packing list. Bring baby slippers for a beach holiday and comfy covered shoes if it’s a colder climate. If you foresee plenty of walking and sightseeing, throw in a breezy hat into your packing bag as well.

  • Diaper & nappy supplies

Ah yes, diapers. Who can forget these lifesaving cotton pads when your baby is spewing brown goo and yellow liquid 24/7? Apart from during vacation, do include amount of transit time – one diaper per hour during travel is a good rule-of-thumb to follow.

Nappy supplies like disposable changing pads, baby wipes, hand sanitiser and plastic bags are important essentials to make every diaper change a breeze. Don’t forget Ezerra Liquid Talc as your baby’s diaper companion! With natural ingredients to relieve sweaty skin irritation, this product offers zero-mess in lotion form that turns into dry silky powder upon application – perfect for travelling parents.



Baby Comfort Essentials


  • Toiletries

Throw in the usual items – baby shampoo, shower wash and bathroom essentials such as towels.

  • Baby toys

Babies are very sensitive to their surroundings and a new environment may take some time to get used to. Bring along their favourite toys to keep them busy and distracted – after all, the last thing you’d want on a holiday is a fussy non-stop crying baby!

  • Blanket

Sometimes all a fussy baby needs is a comforting swaddle. Emulate the sensation of home with a blanket – babies are comforted easily in the presence of a familiar scent to get them calm and relaxed.


Start preparing for your trip a few days in advance. That way, you can avoid the last-minute packing rush and keep a running list of items that come to mind, which you can easily grab on the spot. Remember, packing doesn’t have to be a stressful affair – a memorable family holiday is the result of a comfortable baby and happy parents!