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Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser 150ml

This gentle yet effective cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin. It cleanses and moisturises the skin simultaneously without disrupting the natural skin barrier. It also helps to relieve itchiness and the discomfort of dry skin.

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Product Description

Ezerra’s Extra Gentle Cleanser is SLS/SLES-free and is 3-Times-Gentler than other cleansers in the market. It is as safe as water to cleanse sensitive skin without disturbing the skin’s natural moisturising factor. Use as a daily cleanser for face and body.


Apply a small amount directly on skin or apply with a wet washcloth and smooth all over. Rinse off with clean water.

After cleansing, apply Ezerra Lotion for all over moisturisation.


  • Amisoft, an extremely mild gentle surfactant, derived from coconut, that is as safe as water for cleansing the skin without disrupting skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor. It is SLS/SLES-free.
  • Saccharide Isomerate, a natural humectant that acts like a water magnet to provide intense moisturisation and restore skin barrier function.
  • Stimutex-AS, a naturally-derived ingredient that has skin-calming and anti-itch properties.


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