outdoor places with baby


Explore what these few wonderful outdoor places has to offer, with your baby in tow!

Being a mother often means sacrificing on various regular luxuries – the luxury of time, energy and of course, the luxury of going out. This Mother’s Day, plan something special and head out for some fun under the sun at these few outdoor places with baby!


The Neighbourhood Playground

Once your baby is capable of sitting up, you can head straight for the bucket swings. Preferably those with high backs, gently tug the swing back and forth. Slides are also a great option, as long as you are there to guide them by the waist. If your baby is too young to leave the stroller, watching other kids can be also an interesting activity for your little one!


The Swimming Pool

There’s nothing like some good ol’ splashing fun to really bring out the joy. Make sure that your baby is completely comfortable in the water by getting him or her familiar during bathtime. Avoid heavily chlorinated pools; ozone-filtered water is your safest option. A slightly warm pool temperature also plays a part in ensuring optimal comfort for your little one.


The Zoo

Babies have a natural sense of curiosity, and the zoo is just the perfect setting. Imagine seeing their little faces lighting up in wonder as they recognise the animals, just like the ones they are familiar with from picture books! Come with a stroller or even better, a baby carrier – this allows them to properly view the animals since some of the zoo enclosures are built tall.


The Recreational Park

From lush greenery to the whimsical sounds of buzzing insects, your little one will be in absolute awe. Most established recreational parks will have a lake of their own, so you can enjoy a breezy walkabout with your baby. A word of advice – be sure to pack all baby essentials before heading outdoors. The last thing you’d want to happen on your outing is a lack of (gasp) baby diapers!


The Beach

Babies’ skin are extremely delicate, so do avoid visiting during the hottest part of the day (11am to 3pm). If your newborn is below 6 months of age, it’s best to stay under shaded areas. From sandplay to fiddling with seashells and splashing in light waters, beach time is the perfect playtime, as long as you’re keeping a close watch. Slather on some specially-formulated baby sunscreen, put on a sun hat and you’re good to go!


Day outings can be extremely fun for your infant, but uncomfortable too due to the sweltering heat. Cool your baby down by giving a gentle lukewarm bath back home with a mild, soap-free cleanser to wash away the dirt and sweat accumulated outdoors.


Pat your baby dry and spread a dab of Ezerra Liquid Talc on sweat-prone areas, such as the folds around the neck and limbs. Watch in wonder as the liquid dries in a silky powdery finish upon application, effectively comforting your baby’s skin with the natural, talc-free formulation. With Ezerra Liquid Talc to absorb any excess moisture and sweat, your bundle of joy is bound to sleep through the night in absolute bliss!