Are you having difficulties with a fussy baby? As adorable as they may be, babies are extremely prone to mood shifts at the slightest change of environment. Discover handy survival tips to soothe the fussiness out of your baby, so that all mummies and daddies out there can finally get some beauty sleep!


1. Mimic movements of the womb

The most common method among all, the act of swaddling, shushing, and swinging may bring about a soothing reflex to your baby. There is a reason why mothers often do this – experts say that the calming movements are a comforting reminder of the womb, where the fetus moves around constantly. Alternatively, you may hold your fussy baby by their sides while breastfeeding as well.


2. Play some baby-friendly tunes

When it comes to improving a baby’s development, there have been several studies that suggest music helps in an infant’s brain development. Not only does it stimulates hearing and gives his language skills a boost, it also doubles up as a baby relaxer. If your baby starts getting fussy while you’re away from home, don’t panic! Try singing to your baby while gently rocking him to your voice – it works just as well.


3. Wrap your baby in something warm

Babies tend to react easily to their environment, especially temperature. If you notice your little one gets especially difficult during diaper changes, you’re not alone. The cold surface of a new diaper may be the main culprit! Try making warm wipes by wetting paper towels in warm water and gently dabbing it on your baby’s skin. The comforting temperature may soothe and distract him enough for a quick diaper change, minus the fuss!


However, when the weather gets too hot, pay close attention for signs of discomfort from your baby. The heat and humidity may bring about excessive sweating that clogs up the pores. Of course, the last thing you’d want for your fussy baby is to suffer from irritated skin! Ezerra Liquid Talc clears up the fuss in a jiffy with a single application that is cooling and silky to the skin, relieving itch and wetness in one go.


4. Stimulate movements together with your baby

Babies love the sensation of movement, as long as it is gentle and soothing to their sensory experience. Simulate this exercise with your baby in arms with some simple exercises. Deep knee bends and lunges are ideal routines for some gentle, swaying action without exerting too much effort. Not just that, you’ll get to fit in some exercise into your babysitting routine!


5. Soak in a warm bath together

Give your mother-child relationship with a major boost with some TLC and bonding session, straight from the bathtub! The soothing skin-to-skin contact and surrounding warm water have a calming effect on a crying baby. Ensure your baby’s warmth and comfort by periodically rinsing her body with the water – that will keep her from feeling chilly.


Depending on situation, sometimes your baby may need much more than a gentle swing in the arms. At this point, don’t be afraid to hand your baby over to your partner and switch roles whenever exhaustion sets in. After all, both Mummy and Daddy should share equal responsibilities. Remember, a comfortable baby means happy parents!