When it comes to bonding with a newborn, mothers come first to mind. But what about dads? It’s not uncommon for new fathers to feel left out of the bonding experience – check out these fun activities to bond with baby and get to know your bundle of joy a little bit better!



1. Bubble it up with some bubble play

Babies love skin-to-skin interaction. Take the cue and treat your newborn a gentle bubble play session with an extra gentle cleanser. Make funny shapes with the bubbles and cover them around their little limbs – babies simply love the foamy texture. Word of caution – try to avoid bubbles around the facial area!



2. Transform the couch into a majestic castle

Create a cosy safe space for you and your little one by piling up on lots pillows and blankets on the floors and finish with a bedsheet on top as the ceiling. Watch as your little one crawls around in utmost fascination while the soft cushioning of the surroundings gives your infant an excellent sensory experience for their body coordination!



3. Play dress-up with daddy’s wardrobe

There’s nothing like some imaginative play-pretend to spice things up. Perfect to be done even during your baby’s naptime, simply gather a few outfit choices from your wardrobe, place it on top of your toddler and snap a hilarious photo opportunity!



4. Go on an outdoor adventure

What better way to celebrate a sunny day than to head out for some father-child adventure? Live out the Frodo-Sam fantasy from Lord of The Rings and explore what the wilderness has to offer. By introducing your child outdoors from the early ages, it helps cultivate a growing love of exploration through the fascinating sights and sounds all around.


However, vigorous activities under the sun may result in irritation around your baby’s sweat zones! Give him a gentle, cooling bath back home and spread on Ezerra Liquid Talc to help relieve itchiness and keep your baby’s skin dry and smooth throughout the day. Plus, bathtime can be considered as one of the activities to bond with baby!



5. Bring fairytales to life with play-pretend

Storytelling may seem like a one-sided activity to newborn parents, since infants are not old enough to comprehend words. That’s not entirely true! Instead of focusing on mentioning each word, shift it to repetitive exaggerated actions and enacting it in a fun sing-song voice to stimulate their language skills.


Of course, the key to a lasting bond between father and child is to be consistent. Whether you’re a first-time dad or veteran father, be sure to organise regular activities to bond with baby as often as possible. Once the baby is accustomed to your presence, it’s just a matter of time before your child starts demanding for his/her daddy!